Summer-Writing-Camp 2016

Sean Connery as 007 in the Middle Ages? What mystery is hidden in the library? Why is the second book of poetics so dangerous? What are the reasons behind the gruesome murders?

The renowned scientist Umberto Eco written has written in his book "The Open Work" - to put it simply - that only in the interaction between image and viewer art is created and everyone can perceive it differently. That was the basis of our competition. But he also wrote an international bestseller, "The Name of the Rose". The novel takes place in a time when books were still written by hand - long before the invention of printing. For the filming the Eberbach Abbey served as a model - and you will it visit in the footsteps of the monks and their secrets.

Under the guidance of writing experts, you have the chance to deepen your talents and learn new things. It is not just about the creative, but also the practical writing that can help you in school and in everyday life, but also later in education or studying, to better express yourself in cursive.

In various stations and workshops you will write your own texts, find new ideas and communicate with others. Additionally, you take part in an exclusive guided tour of the Eberbach Monastery, which was not only the location of "The Name of the Rose" and the trailer for "Game of Thrones", but where monks since the 12th century have written books by hand in the scriptorium.