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Universities and economy are complaining the devastating status of education of young people – and the number of those who are not able to sufficiently write is continually rising. 7.5 millions of analphabets in a country whose raw materials could be the ability to innovate and the knowledge of the youth. This is our starting-point: to raise the educational level with the initiative „The Wiesbaden Model“, a permanent support of pupils and model schools, and help through self-help. The vast acceptance of our efforts shows us that we are on the right track.

Part of the basic requirements of our society is most of all the ability to write in order to find a way in life and at work. It is essential in order to contribute to our future.

Please help us to secure our common future. Become a member of the Written Art Foundation. With a minimum contribution of € 75 you support our workshops, summer camps and competitions where handwriting is the focus.