The Art
of Writing

Kurhaus Colonnades Wiesbaden

Images are written

The art exhibition in Wiesbaden documented the latest positions and trends worldwide. Such a manifesto of writing with this international orientation did not exist before. The avant-garde of writing met in 2011 in Wiesbaden. The fascination of a world exhibition of three great cultures such as Asia, the Arab world and Europe, whose artists communicate through scripture, is something extraordinary.

The uniqueness is that the scripture is determined by the work and the work by the scripture.

Sign and symbolic quality merge into pictures of unusual fascination. The exhibition can also be an impetus for writing, because while the writing is on the decline with us, the international avant-garde artists have taken up writing and use scripture in their works.

The exhibition should be an expression of the highest art of creation of three different cultures. Its main focus is to present masterpieces of contemporary art where the image exceeds the limits of writing and drawing. It wants to passionately draw one’s sight on a previously unknown branch of modern art.