Music inside!

This years student writing competition broke a new record: 1.600 essays were send to us to be reviewed. This shows that music is a general subject for all students. Music makes one happy, sad, music con be inigorating or soothing. The award winning essays show a multitude of perspectives, from simply listening to music to being an musical instrument.

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Interpretation of art - Letters become pictures

The nominees of this year’s student writing competition are announced. This year the topic was to have oneself be inspired by the artworks of three different artists from different countries - Europe, Asia and North Africa.

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Wiesbaden Crime Story

Writing Competition 2014/15 - We are looking for the crime authors of tomorrow, the hobby P.I.s which have an interest in a close look on details. The location of the short story is Wiesbaden.

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Hello America

Student writing competition 2013 – Thinking about America: handwritten impressions of German Students.


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Describe a picture

Student writing competition 2012 – Encounter with art – Describe a picture of your choice.


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Write me a story

Student writing competition 2011 – Write something colorful, something touching, something funny, something thrilling.


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